vendredi 18 octobre 2013

outfit III

Hello blogger,
Hope you're all fine :) i made this look a specialy for those who goes to work or high school, it is very casual, comfortable and i think that we all have this items in our wardrobes : blazer, jeans .... the basics,
well enjoy the pictures and don't forget to comment below :p

mardi 15 octobre 2013

Beauty product

Hello everyone,
this is my first beauty post, i decided to do it in english because of some request.
Well i m going to talk to u about Cristian Lay product, that i orderded from their catalog (click on to see it my mum does the ordering) , i have been trying them since 3 weeks, i can say that they are quite good it make my skin cleaner, smoother andit gives me a better skin tone !!
it's composed of three products : Cleansing face, cream with moisturizing active and mud mask skin 

The mask is so good the color is weird but it is very effective

the cleaner :

i love the texture of the moisturizer

jeudi 3 octobre 2013

outfit II

Coucou tout le monde,
Voici un look sur lequel je suis un peu hésitante, n'hésitez pas à commenter et donner vos avis :)
Je porte une jupe mauve clair taille haute, avec un t-shirt blanc basic que vous avez du voir dans mes précédent post, mes boots préferé <3 et un perfecto Le Must Have ! j'ai tout le temps une veste sur moi par ce que avec ce temps changeant on ne sait plus quoi portée !


t-shirt : H&M
jupe : Zara
Boots : Zara
Perfecto : pimkie