mardi 4 août 2015

Trip to Safi

Hi guys how are you ? I hope you're all doing great.

Well i juste want to share with you a part of my exiting trip to Safi a little city in Morocco, city in Morocco,she's well known for her artisanal work, history and a specially for the beaches nearby, for instance lalla fatna and oualidia.
i go to Safi every year since i was a baby,but this is the first time that find it exciting,and not boring,why ?   Because i just find out an AMAZING person and this person is the owner of Riad du Pecheur  and   The Safi surf club   <= click, his name is Mr Mehdi Serghini he is just a crazy, funny, great and very very kind human.
Let me talk to you about the Riad it's just an incredible and beautiful place, it just reflect the style and atmosphere of Safi, and the restaurant have a very delicious plats, a specily the fish dishes, because they serve you some freshly caught fish.
the rooms are very comfy and reflects the Safi style.
And the surf club is must when you are Safi, it's located at Lalla Fatna beach.
i had two amazing monitors, Mehdi and Mokhliss,they helped me a lot, because i just NOT  fit at all !!!
i also visited the medina which is a  great place you must visit it when you go to safi, it's like a showroom, presents the art of safi.

this one of the beautiful rooms we stayed in

Lalla fatna beach

Learning Surf  at Safi surf club


el Medina